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Initial Consultation
In your initial consult, you and your dietitian will go through all of your relevant...
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Review Consultations
While some clients find that they are able to get everything they want out of a single session, the ...
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Online Consultations
Online consultations are available via Zoom. The service is the exact same as the in-person service,...
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Personalised Meal Plans
If you have ever wanted your nutrition to be strategically mapped out for you in a way that lines u...
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The Ideal Nutrition Team

Aidan Muir
Aidan Muir
Dietitian and Owner
Aidan is a dietitian and started seeing clients through Ideal Nutrition in 2016. He has long been interested in all things nutrition, particularly the effects of different dietary approaches on body composition and sports performance.
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks
Tyler completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences and a Masters of Dietetics after moving away from a long career in the fitness industry.
Leah Higl
Leah Higl
Dietitian and Content Creator
Leah is a passionate sports dietitian & powerlifter, who has experience working with a range of athletes from strength sports to endurance & combat sports.


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