The Ideal Nutrition Team

At Ideal Nutrition, our highly skilled dietitians help support clients with a wide range of goals and needs. 

From muscle gain or fat loss for the everyday gym-goer to optimising nutrition for elite athletes, managing a chronic disease or medical condition to improving gut health. No matter your goals, our dietitians will work with you to create an individualised nutrition plan to help you achieve them.

Along with supporting clients 1:1, we strive to create evidence-based nutrition content that is beneficial on a wider scale. We share this through InstagramBlogs and our Podcast.

Our dietitians offer online consultations via Zoom, or face-to-face at Valhalla Strength in Brisbane (4/90 Northlink Place, Virginia, QLD) and Xcell Health & Fitness in Kingscliff (38/42 Pearl St, Kingscliff, NSW).

Aidan Muir

Sports Dietitian

Aidan has been a dietitian since 2016 and prides himself in staying up-to-date with evidence-based approaches to nutrition.

Aidan specialises in:

    • Nutrition for Body Composition (Muscle Gain/Fat Loss)
    •  Sports Nutrition (Particularly for Strength Sports)
    • General Health Conditions 

His approach when working with clients is to create a structured plan that is designed to help them achieve their goals whilst also fitting within their lifestyle. 


Leah Higl

Sports Dietitian

Leah is a passionate sports dietitian & powerlifter. She has spent the last couple of years working with an extensive range of athletes from fellow strength athletes to Ironman athletes & professional boxers. 

Leah specializes in:

    • Optimising body composition including gaining muscle and reducing body fat
    • Plant based and vegan diets for athletes
    • CSID (sucrase-isomaltase deficiency)
    • Sports nutrition for women
    • Building healthy relationships with food
    • Acute weight cuts including for vegan athletes

Leah’s nutrition philosophy is to combine the enjoyment of food with strategies to enhance athletic performance & body composition.

Tyler Brooks

Sports Dietitian

Tyler completed his Masters of Dietetics at the University of Queensland, building on a long career as a coach and gym-owner to become a performance dietitian.

He has extensive experience with team sports, having spent time with both the Brisbane Broncos and QLD Women’s Rugby 7’s, as well as working with athletes across a range of individual sports, including powerlifting, combat sports, track and endurance racing and bodybuilding. 

Tyler specializes in:

    • Dialling in nutrition to maximise performance
    • Periodising diet to suit training and competition cycles
    • Acute weight cuts for powerlifting, boxing and other weight class sports
    • Advanced supplementation protocols
    • Optimising body composition (including gaining muscle/losing fat)

Tyler is a competitive powerlifter and experiments with his own diet to combine research and lived experience to bring an optimal, no-nonsense approach to best support the performance and body composition goals of his clients.

Hanah Mills

Sports Dietitian

Hanah graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, before starting her career as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. 

Through her experience as a CrossFit athlete, runner and powerlifter, Hanah’s own interest in sport saw her complete further training to become an Accredited Sports Dietitian, affording her a comprehensive understanding of the unique dietary requirements and challenges faced by athletes. 

Hanah specialises in:

  • Optimising Sport Performance (Combat, Strength & Endurance athletes in particular)
  • Optimising Body Composition (Muscle Gain/Fat Loss)
  • Overcoming RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)

Hanah is an empathetic and understanding dietitian who works with her clients to create an enjoyable and sustainable meal plan, tailored to their lifestyle, to support them in achieving their goals.


Samantha Staines


Sammy (Samantha) is a friendly and supportive Performance-Focused Dietitian, who has experience fuelling athletes in various team sports such as soccer, netball & AFL as well as individual sports such as long-distance running & triathlon, and, excitingly she will be competing & fuelling athletes in the Powerlifting space as of 2023.

Her key areas of expertise include: 

    • Sports performance nutrition
    • Disordered eating & relationship with food
    • Body composition – muscle gain & fat loss
    • Weight management  & healthy eating
    • Gut health conditions & IBS management
    • Women’s health.

Her goal is to make nutrition science easier to digest! She will support your goals related to performance, health & body composition, all the while ensuring to support a positive relationship with your food and body. 

Monica Cvoro

Sports Dietitian

Monica is a Performance-Based Dietitian with a passion for helping others use nutrition as a tool to reach peak health & performance.

She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Metabolism) and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Her key areas of interest are:

    • Sports Nutrition
    • Optimising performance in life and sport
    • Body composition – muscle gain, fat loss
    • Cultivating a healthy relationship with food

Monica is eager to constantly learn more in the nutrition field so that she can adapt her recommendations to the unique needs and goals of each client.

Joshua Wernham Dietitian

Josh Wernham


Josh completed a bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Griffith University and has additional fitness related qualifications. 

His passion lies in helping individuals optimise their body composition, enhance their wellbeing, and achieve peak sports performance.

His key areas of interest include:

  • Fat loss & muscle growth
  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Sports nutrition

He takes a holistic approach and appreciates how all aspects of health can contribute to the quality of ones life.  He is based in Brisbane and practices online and in person. 

Sophie Rindfleish

Dietitian – Online Only 

Sophie is a passionate Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder Dietitian, who takes a ‘health at every size’ approach to nutrition. 

Her key areas of expertise include supporting clients with:

  • Improving relationship with food and body
  • Gut health (IBS, IBD, and Food Intolerances) 
  • Eating Disorder (Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, OSFED, ARFID)
  • Disordered Eating and Emotional Eating 
  • Women’s Health Concerns (PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea)

Sophie takes a gentle and balanced approach to nutrition to support her clients in living their lives to the fullest.