Hanah Mills – Dietitian

Hanah is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Sports Dietitian (ASD) with a passion for supporting individuals to achieve their goals in a sustainable way. With a few years working as a dietitian and experience as an athlete herself (Crossfit, powerlifting & endurance events), Hanah has a comprehensive understanding of the unique dietary requirements and challenges faced by individuals and athletes.

As a dietitian, Hanah values empathy and creates a welcoming environment for her clients. She understands that achieving your goals isn’t just about strict diet plans; it’s about finding joy in the journey. She will work with you to create an enjoyable & realistic meal plan aligned with your goals.


  • Fuelling Exercise Performance (Combat, Strength and Endurance athletes)
  • Supporting body composition goals in a health manner (Fat loss & Muscle gain)
  • Overcoming RED-s and LEA (Low energy availability in sport)
  • Overcoming Disordered Eating (Binge, Bulimia, etc)
  • Gut Health (IBS, IBD and Food intolerances)
  • Managing Autoimmune Disease (Diabetes Mellitus, Coeliac Disease, Hashimoto’s)

Whilst making the nutrition interventions as easy and convenient as possible


  • Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (At Griffith University Gold Coast)
  • Sports Dietitian Accreditation (Sports Dietitians Australia)
  • Eating Disorder Management (Inside Out & QUEDs)
  • IBS Management (Monash University IBS & FODMAPs Course)

If you’d like to learn more about Hanah and the knowledge she shares head over to her instagram @hanahmills