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The Complete Low FODMAP List of Foods to Eat and Avoid

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Welcome to The Low FODMAP Food Guide!

The Low FODMAP Food Guide is also available as a searchable (Ctrl+F) PDF download.

This guide contains a comprehensive list of foods and their FODMAP content. If you want to know how to properly implement The Low FODMAP Diet, our blog post specifically on that topic would be the place to go.

When using the complete low FODMAP food guide, note the following:

  • Aim to eat low FODMAP serving sizes only whilst on the low FODMAP diet.
  • Portion sizes are per meal/sitting.
  • All fats and oils are low FODMAP. You can even use garlic and onion infused oils to boost the flavours in your low FODMAP meals.
  • All plain meat, fish, poultry and eggs are low FODMAP. However, some processed and pre-seasoned, coated meats may contain high FODMAP ingredients.
  • Vegetables and fruit are in raw weights unless otherwise stated.
  • Grains and cereals that are typically served cooked such as rice and pasta are cooked weight unless otherwise stated.
  • When undertaking the low FODMAP diet, it is best to limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Even when these beverages are low FODMAP, the alcohol and caffeine content may contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Carbonated drinks may also cause bloating even when ingredients are low FODMAP. Therefore, they should also be limited to avoid confusion with symptoms.

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The Low FODMAP Guide By Food Groups

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low fodmap legumes, nuts and seeds
low fodmap sweets
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Low fodmap beverages

Personalisation Phase

After completing the low FODMAP diet elimination and reintroduction phase, you will be onto the personalization phase. This is where you know what FODMAP groups trigger a reaction for you and you reintroduce the ones that don’t. However, there are currently no other comprehensive lists of each FODMAP group freely available online and the foods included within them.

So we have created one. Below you will find each FODMAP group listed and foods that are moderate to high in those FODMAPs. This makes the personalization stage of the process much more simple.

You can use the personalization feature on the Monash low FODMAP app.

The Low FODMAP Personalisation Guide is also available as a searchable (Ctrl+F) PDF download.

foods high in galactooligosaccharides FODMAP
FODMAP foods high in fructose
FODMAP foods high in lactose
FODMAP foods high in mannitol
FODMAP foods high in sorbitol
FODMAP foods high in fructans
FODMAP foods high in fructans

Other Low FODMAP Resources

By Leah Higl

Leah is an accredited practising dietitian from Brisbane. She also competes as an under 75kg powerlifter with Valhalla Strength Brisbane. As both an athlete and dietitian, she spends much of her time developing her knowledge and skills around sports nutrition, specifically for strength-based sports. Although, she works with a range of athletes from triathletes to combat sports and powerlifting. Leah also follows a plant-based diet and her greatest passion is fuelling vegan/vegetarian athletes and proving that plant-based athletes can be just as competitive as their non-vegan counterparts.​