Episode 5 – Getting to Know Us

Key Points Covered

Leah Higl –

Leah Higl Deadlifting
  • Interest in nutrition partly stemmed from mother being a bodybuilder and having that heavy emphasis on nutrition from a young age.
  • Then interest in the science aspect developed over time.
  • Studied Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at QUT in Brisbane.
  • First job in the dietetics space was at Plant Nutrition and Wellness – still working there and servicing clients through there.
  • Later joined Ideal Nutrition in a content role, doing blog posts, Instagram posts and now podcasts.
  • Works with a lot of plant-based athletes, including strength athletes, endurance athletes and combat sports athletes.
  • Leah is also a powerlifter herself – best bench and deadlift in competition are 95kg and 165kg respectively.
  • Also works with Biker Bidder (Paige Mills) as part of her nutrition coaching service.

Aidan Muir

Aidan Muir Squatting
  • Naturally very skinny as a kid and just wanted to gain size to be better at certain sports. After lifting weights alone did not really solve that, learning more about nutrition seemed like the next step. Progress with lifting never came easily.
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.
  • First move after uni was starting up as a dietitian in a large gym in Wagga – did this for 3-4 months.
  • Some things went well, others did not in that first role. Wanted to get experience and learn more quickly, so went and worked for other dietitians and allied health organisations for the next 3 years.
  • Worked in a massive variety of roles including medical centres, private locations, home visits, gyms, sporting teams, aged care facilities and more. This also meant seeing a massive variety of clients and conditions too.
  • Continued running own social media pages and building them throughout this time.
  • Then re-opened Ideal Nutrition after that to start seeing clients again through that business in the way it is now.
  • When client base built up and was booked out, also hired Tyler Brooks (@lift_dietetics on Instagram) who is also a powerlifter.
  • Started renting a room out of Valhalla Strength, which is where Aidan, Tyler and Leah all happened to be training out of anyway.
  • Other interests are powerlifting and also basketball.