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As Long as Calories Remain the Same, Is It Okay to Eat the Majority During the Day and Have a Small Dinner?

  • Yes.
  • I’d still prioritize consuming sufficient protein, fibre and micronutrients, since dinner meals are often a good source of these things.

Will MPS Still Activate From Only 4G Leucine Without Protein? And Vice Versa e.g. 25G Protein, but Only 1G Leucine?

  •  Yes, in both cases MPS will activate, but it won’t be optimized. It is the combination of the two that will optimize things.
  • A 2021 systematic review ooking at the leucine hypothesis concluded that the leucine threshold is a concept that matters but is also not the sole factor.
    • It also appears to matter more in isolated protein supplements than it does in protein-rich whole foods. 
  • Depending on your size, you probably want 2-3g of leucine or higher, alongside 20-40g or higher protein to maximize things. But MPS will still increase regardless. 

How Much Soy Is Too Much Soy?

  • Soy in moderate to even high amounts seems to be fine for most people.
  • There are some circumstances in which you may want to moderate it to be safe, the main case being fertility.
    • Some research suggests that very high intakes of soy may lead to amenorrhea.
  • Ultimately, there is probably an upper limit, particularly for those wanting to optimize fertility.
  • Limit to 4-5 serves per day if you are concerned.
    • Important to note, that this is a lot.

Thoughts on Vetta Protein Pasta? 

  • This pasta is 25% higher in protein and 25% lower in carbs.  
  • It’s not magical, but if you are looking for a higher protein grain product, it’s great.
Vetta Protein Pasta

Should I Use Magnesium Glycinate Post-workout if I’m Already Using ZMA at Night?

  • I wouldn’t double up on magnesium.  
  • If you specifically wanted magnesium 2x in a day, instead of a ZMA supplement, I’d supplement the ingredients you care about individually, in the dosage you want.

If I Work With Ideal Nutrition Will You Help Me Determine Which Dietitian Is Best Suited?

  • Of course.
  • We have set up the business in a way to make sure there are a range of Dietitians with varying skill sets and personalities.
  • We have a section on our website where there is a brief description of each Dietitian.
  • Otherwise, you can simply DM Aidan on Instagram or email admin@idealnutrition.com.au asking who would be best suited to you based on the information provided.

Are Spud Lite Potatoes Actually Lower Calorie? Why?

  • Yes 
  • It is simply a variety of potatoes. 
  • It has come from natural cross-pollination without any genetic modification.  
  • The growing period is 20 to 30% shorter than most other varieties, which also plays a role in the reduced carb content. 
Spud Lite

I Play Team Sports and Train 4-5 Days per Week. I Try to Take Performance Nutrition Seriously and Prioritise Staying Fuelled, but I’m at 30% Body Fat and a Higher Body Weight Than Ideal for My Sport. What Should I Do to Drop Body Fat Without Hurting Performance? 

  • It can be tough balancing this.
  • There are a few things that should be considered.
    • Figure out which time of year makes the most sense to do a deficit (e.g. maybe off-season).
    • Don’t go overly aggressive with the deficit. This is even more important if doing it in-season.
    • Periodize your nutrition – have time where you are in a deficit, but also spend the majority of your time not in a deficit.
    • I would also prioritize a larger portion of your carbohydrate intake around sessions/games and maintain a solid protein intake.
  • You may also have to put more effort into other recovery factors whilst in a deficit such as sleep, hydration, and stress management.

Is Brown Rice Really Better Than White Rice From a General Health Perspective

  • It’s nuanced. The short answer could be yes, but it is important to expand on this. 
  • WHY is it better? 
    • Is it because it is higher in fibre? That doesn’t make sense, since brown rice is still low in fibre. 
    • Is it because it is lower GI? That doesn’t make sense, because some variations of white rice are lower GI than some variations of brown rice. 
    • Is it because it is higher in micronutrients? That partly makes sense. 
      • Brown rice is higher in micronutrients because white rice has almost none. 
      • 100g of uncooked brown rice – which is a decent portion, containing 76g of carbs, has 159% of the RDI for Manganese, 36% for magnesium, 25-50% for a few B vitamins, alongside a few other nutrients. 
White rice vs brown rice comparison

How Much Does Metabolism Come Into Play When Eating in a Surplus? I’m Not Gaining Weight

  • A few things can play a role.
    • Metabolic adaptation.
    • A general increase in TDEE in response to a surplus – there is also a potential to be a hyper-responder here too.
    • Decreased appetite in response to a calorie surplus, resulting in an inconsistent surplus.
  • In all of those cases, increasing calories higher, consistently, will result in weight increasing. It still comes down to being in a surplus. 

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