Services We Offer

Ideal Nutrition offers one on one consults that include individualised nutrition plans that can help you optimise your health and performance. Services offered by Ideal Nutrition cover:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat Loss
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Food Intolerances
  • Weight Loss Surgery

Consultations can either be performed online or at Valhalla Strength Brisbane, which is located at 4/90 Northlink Place, Virginia.


What to Expect From Your Initial Consultation:

In your first consult, you and your dietitian will go through all of your relevant background history, current dietary habits and goals.

Information gathered here will be used to create a detailed nutrition plan intended to get you to your goals while fitting into your specific needs and lifestyle. This plan will be sent to you within a reasonable timeframe following the consult.

Throughout this process, there will also be an emphasis on building upon your nutrition knowledge and understanding where relevant.

Follow-up Sessions:

Follow-ups to provide the opportunity to adjust the plan based on changes in body composition, appetite, training, food preferences and more. They also help with accountability, which can be a major factor in getting results.


  • Review Consultations with Tyler
    Review Consults
  • $90
    per consult
  • Accountability
  • Weekly Written Check-Ins
  • Ongoing Education and Guidance
  • Revisions of Plan
  • Make Appointment

  • Review Consultations with Aidan
    Review Consults
  • $105
    per consult
  • Accountability
  • Weekly Written Check-Ins
  • Ongoing Education and Guidance
  • Revisions of Plan
  • Make Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive a meal plan as part of the service?

Yes, meal plans are included as part of the service, unless they are specifically not wanted.

Can I follow macros instead of a meal plan?

Yes, this can be another option, although of course additional guidance will be provided on top of this.

How often should I expect to have consults?

This is completely based on preference.

Most clients do fortnightly consults. The second most frequent option is monthly consults.

How do you conduct online consults

Online consults are performed over Zoom. This is quick and easy to set up even if you have not used it before. 

How many consults will I need?

Typically consults continue at whatever frequency is desired until the goal is reached. Some clients, particularly athletes, are ongoing clients long term. Other clients only require a few consults to achieve their goals.

Is there communication between consults?

Yes, we can communicate between sessions via email or other options such as Instagram or text message. That is included as part of the service. A lot of clients also do weekly written check-ins, on top of regular consults, to further improve communication and outcomes.

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*Consultations may be eligible for Medicare, Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Private Health Fund rebates.   Read More

For more information, please feel to contact us, or call 0421 243 343 for further information.