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Top 5 Accredited Practising Dietitian Blogs to Follow

Accredited practising dietitian blogs to follow

Top 5 Accredited Practising Dietitian Blogs to Follow may be a bit of a stretch for a title since I don’t follow every single dietitian blog out there, however, “Top 5 Accredited Practising Dietitian Blogs to Follow that I know of” didn’t quite have the same authority… Either way, I’ve compiled a list of blogs that I consider to be among the best in this space. If you aren’t already following these dietitians, I highly recommend you check them out.

Thinking Nutrition

Tim Crowe Dietitian

Tim Crowe’s blog Thinking Nutrition is one of the first places you should look if you want to dig into the details of evidence-based nutrition. It’s a great mix of science and understandable language.

3 must-reads:

1. Are carbohydrates trying to kill you? 
2. Broccoli is bad for you, like, really toxic bad
3. Dairy causes inflammation and the Easter Bunny is real

Compeat Nutrition

Alicia Edge Compeat Nutrition

Alicia Edge and the team at Compeat Nutrition regularly produce quality nutrition content that is particularly relevant for athletes. The posts on this blog can help athletes at all levels, ranging from the weekend warrior to the elite level.

3 must-reads:

1. Product Review: Higher Protein Yoghurt
2. The 4 Phases to Performance using Nutrition Periodisation
3. Froome – Nutrition to Win Le Tour de France

The Nutrition Guy

Joel Feren

Joel Feren’s blog on The Nutrition Guy is full of great posts that are casual and laid-back, while still tackling controversial nutrition issues in an evidence-based fashion. Focusing on men’s health and thinking about things from the perspective of a classic Aussie bloke, Joel provides some great insight into what it actually takes to improve your diet in a sustainable fashion.

3 must-reads:

1. I’ll Defend Dairy Till The Cows Come Home
2. Not All Processed Foods Are Bad for You
3. 10 Ways to Make it Big in the Diet Industry

The Dietiologist

Stefanie Valakas Dietologist

Stefanie Valakas and her are some of the best in the business when it comes to nutrition for fertility. The Dietolgist regularly features content regarding how to improve fertility through nutrition and provides a lot of answers for pretty much any relevant question you can think of in that space.

3 must-reads:

1. How to Choose a Pre-Natal Vitamin? 
2. Do These 4 Popular Foods Actually Help With Implantation?
3. Can Diet Help With Hormonal Acne?

Catherine Saxelby’s Foodwatch

Catherine Saxelby Dietitian Foodwatch

Catherine Saxelby writes about everyday nutrition problems in a simplified and engaging fashion for busy people who want to eat right, lose weight and boost their energy. She is one of the most accomplished writers in the dietetics profession and currently writes a blog every week on Foodwatch.

3 must-reads:

1. What’s the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero? 
2. Sugar – why quitting sugar guarantees you’ll lose weight 
3. Nutella. The full (correct) list of ingredients

By Aidan Muir

Aidan is a Brisbane based dietitian who prides himself on staying up-to-date with evidence-based approaches to dietetic intervention. He has long been interested in all things nutrition, particularly the effects of different dietary approaches on body composition and sports performance. Due to this passion, he has built up an extensive knowledge base and experience in multiple areas of nutrition and is able to help clients with a variety of conditions. One of Aidan’s main strengths is his ability to adapt plans based on the client's desires. By having such a thorough understanding of optimal nutrition for different situations he is able to develop detailed meal plans and guidance for clients that can contribute to improving the clients overall quality of life and performance. He offers services both in-person and online.