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New Location: Valhalla Strength Brisbane

Aidan Muir Valhalla Strength Dietitian

I’m excited to announce that as of this week, Ideal Nutrition is now servicing out of Valhalla Strength Brisbane (4/90 Northlink Place Virginia).

Over the last twelve months, I have predominantly been servicing clients online via Zoom. This has been great since it has made it easy for me to see clients all across Australia, while also offering an efficient option for those who are Brisbane based as well.

But for a long time I have wanted to add an in-person location since I know quite a few people would much prefer to see myself or other dietitians in person rather than online. I will still be offering these online services of course though!

From my perspective, Valhalla Strength is the perfect location due to my interest in powerlifting and strength sports, in addition to also being the gym that I have personally trained at for the last two years.

Valhalla Strength

At this stage, it will be just myself as a dietitian there offering services. But as I am nearing capacity in terms of the numbers of clients I can take on, I can’t imagine it will be long before there will be a second dietitian on board.

If you are interested in booking in for a consult, head to the services page and follow the prompts. If you would like to ask any questions, the easiest way would be to go to the contact page and asking there.

By Aidan Muir

Aidan is a Brisbane based dietitian who prides himself on staying up-to-date with evidence-based approaches to dietetic intervention. He has long been interested in all things nutrition, particularly the effects of different dietary approaches on body composition and sports performance. Due to this passion, he has built up an extensive knowledge base and experience in multiple areas of nutrition and is able to help clients with a variety of conditions. One of Aidan’s main strengths is his ability to adapt plans based on the client's desires. By having such a thorough understanding of optimal nutrition for different situations he is able to develop detailed meal plans and guidance for clients that can contribute to improving the clients overall quality of life and performance. He offers services both in-person and online.