Vegan Sports Dietitian


The Ideal Nutrition team provides services for a wide range of people with a variety of goals, needs, and food preferences. But with the rise in plant-based eating, we also have service designed especially for this with a specialist sports dietitian that practices in the area of vegetarian & vegan nutrition.


No matter where you fall on the plant-based spectrum, our plant based sports dietitian & nutritionist, Leah Higl can help you navigate the complexities of being plant-based and having performance and/or body composition goals. 

Leah has worked with 100s of plant-based athletes from powerlifters to professional boxers and over this time has developed an extensive skill set in the field. As a vegan athlete herself, she understands the challenges that can arise in balancing a plant-based diet and athletic goals and is eager to share her knowledge with other people in the same position. 

You can learn more about Leah here

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 How Can This Service Help Me?

Leah can assist with:

  • Meeting nutrient requirements on a plant based diet including protein, iron and zinc
  • Transitioning to a plant based or vegan diet 
  • Body composition changes including gaining muscle and reducing body fat
  • Improving energy levels and optimising performance & recovery 
  • Specific product recommendations and recipes 
  • Plant based specific supplement recommendations 
  • Managing gut issues such as bloating & gas on a plant based diet
  • Plant based meal planning for every day and event days 
  • Acute weight cuts for vegans making weight.

How Does This Service Work?

Leah offers two options for working together which include her premium coaching subscription (spots are limited) & coaching package. These are detailed below.  

vegan sports dietitian

If you have questions about our vegan sports nutrition services, you can enquire with Leah directly by emailing OR visit her over on Instagram @plantstrong_dietitian